Toyota Voxy / Alphard

Whether you call it a Mini Bus, Mini coach, Shuttle Bus, or just a small bus rental they are perfect for smaller group outings such as city tours and weddings. Useful as bus rental shuttle (shuttling) groups or employees between hotels, airports, work sites, and fairgrounds. Corporations and many groups rent shuttle bus as cost efficient way to move small groups over short distances. Minibus rentals have individual seating and are used for shorts trips.

If you are traveling to Nairobi or Mombassa in a large party or with a large family you may want to consider Hiring a Mini Bus instead of a car. Taking the option of Mini Bus Hire carries many advantages over hiring a normal sized car and also adds a little extra fun in driving something different from what you normally may be used to. Arranging Minibus or people carrier hire is just as easy as normal car hire and there are many vehicle types and models to choose from. By filling in all the relevant details in the car hire search box above, you will find that Minibuses can generally accommodate between 7 to 9 passengers.

An alternative option to hiring a minibus would be to book a private or shared shuttle bus service. If more than 4 of you need to travel from the Airport to your destination then you will find that the cost of Mini Bus Hire Airport is very reasonable and a worthwhile option when compared to booking a vehicle hire which can only take up to 4 people? As an example, for 5 or more people getting a taxi to popular destinations such as Malindi or Lamu, each taxi would charge in the region of Kshs 15000 for a one way trip. This means that a return trip for your family or party can end up costing you up to Kshs 30000 if not more! With this in mind it makes perfect sense to simply choose to hire a mini bus which depending on when you book, will cost you around the same but provide you with transport throughout your entire safari holiday.

Alternatively if you are simply traveling around Kenya and Tanzania and you are looking for that little extra comfort and space or if you intend to drive any long distances then you really should consider hiring a minibus as this will make your experience all that more enjoyable. When deciding on exactly which minibus or people carrier to hire, be sure to consider that you will also need enough space for your entire luggage and in particular golf bags if you are traveling with them.

The amount of space left for luggage will of course depend on the number of people who will be traveling in the vehicle and the type of minibus you hire. The more people there are the less space you will have as the majority of people carriers and especially minibuses have little or no space in the back as they do not have a boot so to speak and therefore you need to plan accordingly and hire the appropriate size and type of mini bus for your needs. Driving a minibus on self drive safari can be a great deal of fun and although they are larger than your average vehicle you will still have all the modern features such as power steering, automatic transmission on some models, Air con and so on. One important thing to remember is that minibus hire is becoming increasingly popular which is no surprise considering the benefits it gives families and large groups. It is because of reasons such as this that we recommend that you pre book your minibus rental in advance and do not leave it to the last minute as most of the car hire fleets do not currently hold a large number of them and by booking minibus hire early you can be sure to avoid any disappointment.

Toyota Voxy Information

The Toyota Noah is an eight-seater MPV with two rear sliding doors built by Toyota Motor Company and. A five-seater version without the third seat row is available. Its predecessor was the Toyota Liteace Noah. The Noah has a twin version named Toyota Voxy, with lower ground clearance. It also has a smoother ride and better handling than the last generation Noah. Its main competitors are the Honda Step and the Nissan Serena. The current design of the Noah was released in 2007. This version has a 2.0 L gasoline direct injection engine, CVT and standard front wheel drive or available four wheel drive.

For model year 2007 on Japanese models only, G-BOOK, a subscription telematics service, is offered as an option. The New Toyota Voxy is one of the best-selling vehicles in Toyota line-up. The new features of new model are advanced styling and comfort for all passengers, for comfortable and safe driving. The new Toyota Voxy enjoying the big-sell from numerous customers in Kenya car hire. This powerful mini-van is leading the auto market as the epitome of the minivans. The new model Voxy is equipped with advanced functions, including an interior that pays particular attention to providing comfort, ease of use and a relaxed driving environment. At the same time, the Voxy has stylishness at its heart, for the needs of passengers for a comfortable driving experience and display of strong individuality. Choosing Toyota Voxy as your next family car through is a wise decision to enhance your daily driving life.

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